3 Great Ways to Improve Your Bathroom

re-enamelingThe bathroom is the one place in many people’s homes where they can actually get some privacy and relaxation. It is also where people gather themselves in the morning and unwind themselves at night in preparation for a day of work or a night of rest. The bathroom is a sacred place, which is why having it renovated is one of the best ideas.

When a total overhaul isn’t completely possible, just changing a few things about the old water closet can make a world of difference. Here are a couple of ideas for enhancing your bathroom:

The bathtub can be the best part of the bathroom experience, especially if it is large, wide, and rests on clawed feet. The unfortunate truth about many of these types of tubs, especially if they are old, is that they don’t age well, as their enamel is prone to cracking and warping. Often, it is simply time and wear that damages the tubs, and they become worn, chipped, scratched, discolored, and damaged by harsh cleaners. Not only is this aesthetically displeasing, but it can be a breeding ground for dirt and germs. Luckily, merely by re-enameling, in a process called bathtub refinishing, your damaged tub can be restored to a like-new condition.

Many people do not think to decorate in the bathroom, but it is one of the places where your interior decor skills can be the most appreciated by guests and residents alike. Painting the walls a new, bold color and investing in some accent pieces can go very far. Also, consider buying new fixtures, like built-in shelving, new mirrors, and towel hanging racks so that everything in your bathroom has a place and to reduce clutter.

Plant it
Plants tend to thrive in the moist, semi-light of bathrooms. They also act as natural humidifiers and air purifiers, as well as being an inexpensive way to beautify your space. If you have a lot of room, consider getting a small tree or a large succulent, and if you’re working with a small space, invest in a hanging plant or mount a small, decorative shelf for your new fern, cacti, or shrub.

For bigger projects, consider tile removal and refinishing, completely replacing and reinstalling your ceramic tile, and the replacement of your shower head, or medicine cabinet! Happy bathing!