3 Reasons Why You Should Renovate Your Bathroom

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ceramic tileWhen’s the last time you thought about your bathroom? While many don’t realize it, we spend over one year of our lives in the bathroom. It is a space of privacy and comfort. But when your bathroom is old, you may not feel positively regarding your bathroom. Perhaps it’s time for a remodel. Here are 3 reasons to renovate your bathroom:

Health and Safety
An old bathroom can also pose many dangers for both health and safety. For example, loose ceramic tiles or bathtub tiles combined with wet floors can pose imminent danger, putting individuals at risk of slipping and falling. Old, cracked, and damaged bathroom surfaces can also be a breeding ground to a host of bacteria, dirt and germs. Tile removal, replacing a bathtub, and resurfacing your tub can help it to be a more sanitary and safe zone in your home. And tub resurfacing doesn’t have to necessarily be a costly or time-consuming renovation, either. Re-enameling your bathtub is a relatively simple process that makes a damaged bathtub like new, and only takes around three to four hours.

Increase the Real Estate Value of Your Home
Remodeling your bathroom is an investment in more ways than one. Not only is it an investment in your own personal comfort, health, and safety, but it will also help to increase the overall real estate value of your home. Many potential buyers place a great deal of importance in the bathroom, as it is an area that can become costly if it isn’t properly maintained. With your recent bathroom renovation, they’ll want to snap up your home in no time at all!

Increase Your Comfort and Happiness
Bathrooms should be a place of retreat, comfort and relaxation. Old, broken, and damaged bathrooms are often the opposite of relaxing. Every space in your home should be a joy and comfort to retreat. Stepping into a newly ceramic tiled shower or resurfaced bathroom can make a world of difference. Additionally, a beautiful space can make for a happier and calmer mind.

Don’t put off renovating your bathroom. Make changes now so that you can relax completely the next time you take a bath or shower after a long workday.