5 Famous Bathtubs and Their Fascinating Stories

bathtub installBathtubs have a much more fascinating history than you probably realize. In fact, people have been soaking in tubs since around 3300 B.C. Here are just a few fun stories about the most famous bathtubs of all time.

  1. Archimedes’ Bathtub
    Thanks to the ancient Greek inventor Archimedes, we now know that when a solid object is placed in a body of water it displaces the water around it. If this common-sense physics principle seems obvious, thank Archimedes. In fact, this is still a popular method for measuring the volume of a liquid. Legend has it that Archimedes discovered the physics of displacement when he hopped into the bathtub. He then immediately jumped up and yelled, “Eureka!”, before running off to share his discovery.

    He was so excited, they say, that he didn’t stop to put on clothes.
  2. Millard Fillmore’s Bathtub
    In 1917, a reporter for the New York Evening Mail, H. L. Mencken, published a “news story” highlighting the history of the bathtub in America. In what turned out to be nothing more than historical fiction, Mencken said that President Millard Fillmore had bathtub installers put the very first tub in the White House. In 1926, Mencken admitted that the article had been a hoax.
  3. Franklin Roosevelt’s Bathtub
    Having a bathtub on a battleship was unheard of until President Franklin Roosevelt had a bathtub installed on the USS Iowa in 1943 for his convenience. Of course, the tub served a practical purpose. Because of his Guillain-Barre syndrome, Roosevelt was not able to stand in a shower.
  4. Howard Taft’s Bathtub
    What is it with presidents and their bathtubs?

    William Howard Taft was the largest U.S. president of all time, weighing in at a robust 332 pounds. Towards the beginning of his administration, the portly president famously got stuck inside the White House bathtub and, therefore, had to have a larger bathtub installed. In 1912, Taft took a trip from Key West to Colon and took his own giant tub on the battleship with him. Taft once again proved Archimedes’ theory right when he caused a minor hotel flood by displacing the bath water in New Jersey.
  5. Dalton Trumbo’s Bathtub
    You may not recognize his name, but you are certainly familiar with some of this writer’s more famous works, including the films Spartacus and Roman Holiday. Trumbo was known to write his screenplays in his bathtub at night, accompanied by his pet parrot. Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston recently immortalized Trumbo in a movie of the same name.

Does your personal bathtub have an interesting history? If that question creeped you out, then it’s definitely time for an upgrade. Old, damaged bathtubs are a breeding ground for germs and dirt. If you’re not ready to part with your tub, consider hiring a bathtub refinishing service to restore it to its original glory.

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