Bathroom Renovation Checklist

tile removal

ceramic tile refinishing,Your bathroom should be a temple where you can cleanse your body and rejuvenate your spirit after a day of work or play. It is often the one place we can retreat to for our most personal recovery and relaxation, so why shouldn’t it reflect that? Many people are discouraged by the high cost of renovations, but in fact, doing one project at a time is well worth it, and is a great way to turn your bathroom into your own personal temple.

Check out these ideas for ways to improve your experience in what is actually the most important room of the house:

Refinish Your Tub
Do you love your tub? Then why bother replacing it when you can have it refinished? Bathtub refinishing is much cheaper, quicker, and easier than bathtub replacement, and it also means that you don’t have to part with your beloved tub. A tub reglazed in the right way can last for another 10 years, and it typically only takes 3-4 hours, curing in about 24.

Ceramic Tile Refinishing
Your bathroom back splash, floor, and the area around your bathtub and shower are likely covered with ceramic tiles, and yet you most likely give them very little thought. By getting them refinished, you will be amazing at how much life is restored to the entire room. Make sure to take care of other tile projects in one fell swoop — from replacing cracked tile or missing tile to re-caulking intersections between tile and walls.

Make a Window
Have your general contractor check out your bathroom space and the space behind its walls — there may be some potential for expanding your bathroom, or making a new window or skylight. If your window is currently very small or opaque, consider replacing it and allowing more natural light to come in and illuminate your space.

There are many other ways to spruce up your bathroom, from giving it a fresh paint job, to adding a myriad of plants, mirrors, and other bathroom accessories. But as long as you get the basics, like ceramic tile refinishing, taken care of, you and your bathroom with be in good shape.