Bathtub Refinishing: Atlanta’s Answer To Preserving Your Original Bathroom

ceramic tile installation

As the years pass a standard bathtub will take a lot of abuse. The original finish on a bathtub is subject to not only bathing but cleaning with harsh cleansers. The shine will inevitably wear away and you have a bathtub with a finish that will not clean. At this point, you have a decision: live with your dull and dingy bathtub or get a new one. A third option many are not aware of is bathtub refinishing.

In recent years, Atlanta has seen substantial growth and many older homes have been sold as a result. In updating these houses, the owners have found that bathtub refinishing is the wisest choice. Tearing out a bathtub is a very involved process. It can require the removal of discontinued tile in order to take the tub out. Sometimes the bathtub has to be demolished into pieces in order to get it through the door. Then a new substandard bathtub is put in its place with new tile that is mismatched with the original. At the end of this project, the cost of labor alone can range into the thousands and leave you without use of your bathroom for days. However, bathtub refinishing will allow you to retain your original bathtub while not disturbing the ceramic tile, costing more than ¾’s less replacement and allow you use within 24 hours.

For most homeowners who are aware of its benefits, bathtub refinishing is Atlanta’s preference to their bathtub dilemma. It saves time and money while maintaining the overall integrity of their entire bathroom. With careful consideration of all the choices, you will undoubtedly find that bathtub refinishing to be the answer you have been looking for.

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