Believe it Or Not, Your Bathtub is Deadlier Than Ebola

cost of bathtub refinishing

cost of bathtub refinishing Ebola — when was the last time you saw that on the front page? While some west African countries are still grappling with the deadly virus’ deadly effects and high death county, it seems that hubhub and paranoia surrounding Ebola in the United States has all but disappeared.

Considering how Ebola is only contracted through direct physical contact with the body or body fluids of a person exhibiting symptoms, much of the Ebola hype seemed like needless hysteria, if not outright fear mongering. In fact, Americans have a significantly higher chance of dying from a bathtub related injury than contracting and dying of the Ebola virus, according to data from a 2014 National Safety Council Report.

According to the report, each year, 424 Americans die due to fatal bathtub slips and falls, while only 2 patients have died in the United States due to Ebola. Yes, your bathtub is more dangerous than Ebola.

While that notion may seem far fetched if not downright silly to some, bathtubs do pose some potential risks, especially older ones. The nicks, nooks, and crannies of older bathtubs are rife with bacteria and viruses. While they may not be deadly, they can cause infections.

In order to combat this, and give their bathroom a fresh look, many homeowners choose bath tub refinishing or tub resurfacing over total bathtub replacement. Between the cost of the new bathtub, the cost of new tub installation, the cost of disposing of the original tub and any plumbing that needs to be replaced, total bathtub replacement can easily turn into a hot, expensive mess. And nobody has time or money for that.

The cost of bathtub refinishing is significantly less, costing about the same as buying a new bathtub. Additionally, the cost of bathtub refinishing continues to pay for itself over time. A refinished bathtub can last up to 10 years or longer, and looks just as good, if not better than a new bathtub.

So while an old, chipped, and dirty bathtub is far more dangerous than the Ebola virus, you can reduce that danger by refinishing your tub.