Quick Bathroom Makeover

tile removal

tile removalHaving a luxurious bathroom is something that most people associate with opulent wealth and fancy houses, but it doesn’t need to be. Indeed, while a bathroom may seem dirty and boring, often all it needs is a little redecorating and refurbishing. Check out this list for an instant and inexpensive bath makeover:

Reglaze Your Tub
Did you know that by reglazing your tub, it can add ten years to its life? You may have fantasized about the bathtub of your dreams, but the truth is that it might be right in front of you. Bathtub replacement can be a costly and cumbersome chore, whereas a bathtub refinishing project takes only about four hours to complete and 24 hours to dry. After that, you are set to enjoy relaxing and luxurious baths. Feels like a whole new bathroom, doesn’t it?

Refinish Your Tiles
You may think that your tiles are fine, but try cleaning one small spot, including the grout, and you’ll notice how much dirt has collected over time in and in between the tile work in your bathroom. Indeed, over time, your bathroom surfaces can become worn, chipped, scratched, stained, discolored, and damaged by harsh cleaners. It may be out of your price range to get a full ceramic tile installation with tile removal, but you can refinish them to give them a whole new look.

Your bathroom offers some amazing opportunities when it comes to decoration — since you won’t spend as much time in it as, say, your bedroom, you are free to make some more daring design choices. For instance, you can paint your bathroom a bold, loud color. A new coat of paint can make any space seem instantly more inviting, and cover up most imperfections. Go above and beyond and use stencils or pre-made wall decals to optimize your wall space and create a whole new bathroom environment.

Never doubt that your bathroom and the appliances in it have a lot of potential! Skip the tile removal and tub replacement and simply enhance them as they are. Don’t underestimate the power of redecorating and cleaning when it comes to your bathroom either!