Reglazing Your Tub: Professional or D-I-Y?

bathtub repair

tub refinishingBathtubs are a place where we can relax and feel clean and comfortable. However, your bathtub surfaces can become worn, chipped, scratched, stained, discolored, and damaged by harsh cleaners over time. To keep your tub looking its best, you can extend its life by getting your bathtub refinished. Bathtub refinishing, also known as bathtub resurfacing, bathtub reglazing or bathtub re-enameling is the process of restoring the surface of an old, worn bathtub. Refinishing a bathtub can be cheaper than buying a new tub, and a refinished tub is typically easier to clean. There are two ways you can get your bathtub refinished; by professional bathtub refinishers, or with DIY kits. Here is a look into both processes, and how they work to fix your tub.

There are a variety of different kits that promise professional-level DIY bathtub refinishing kits on the market, and most can be found at a local home improvement store. While these kits can be quick and easy, and offer a quick aesthetic improvement, there are some serious issues that can cause these kits to fall short. Customers who use these kits have complained about a variety of different issues, such as peeling or wearing off. If you still plan to do it yourself, ask a professional for advice on the best kits to use.

Professional Bathtub Refinishing
A professional bathtub refinisher has the process of reglazing bathtubs down to a science. A professional can be in and out of your home in a matter of 3-4 hours, and you will be able to use your tub again after 24 hours of curing time. Refinishing a bathtub is a high-skill, specialized job, and it’s easy to make mistakes. By hiring a professional, you are ensuring that your tub will be repaired without having to worry about whether or not it’s done right.