Remodeling Your Bathroom? Consider Ceramic Tile Installation

wainscoting ceramic tileLike most individuals, you may regularly clean your bathroom, but do you know what’s lurking underneath your tiles? Giving your shower and bathroom surfaces a good scrub down may give the illusion of a clean bathroom, but if the tile or surfaces in your bathroom are old, there may be a host of bacteria, grime, and serious damage hiding beneath the surface. And cleaning products themselves can enact damage, chipping, fading, and wearing down your bathroom over time, resulting in missing tiles, and a generally displeasing appearance.

If your shower enclosure is around 50 years old, it might be time to start thinking about giving your bathroom a makeover, and to consider ceramic tile installation.

Although there are many tiling materials out there, ceramic tiling boasts a plethora of benefits for any homeowner. Check them out:

Cost Effective
Ceramic tiles come in a range of styles, qualities, and costs, making it a versatile product for any bathroom remodeler’s budget. On average, ceramic tile can range from $1 to $15 per square foot of materials, plus extra for installation.

Easy Maintenance
Ceramic tile is a durable product, making it easy to clean. Whether you want to sweep, wash or disinfect, ceramic will endure. In the case of extreme grout, simply use grout cleaner to help remove the excess dirt. Ceramic is non-porous, making it the perfect surface for bathrooms. In addition, it is fire-resistant and does not absorb odor.

Simple to Repair
When you experience a crack or missing tile, ceramic tile replacement is no problem for any bathroom tile installation specialist.

As previously mentioned, there are many styles of ceramic tile, making it the tile of choice for all aesthetic tastes. Wainscoting ceramic tiles, for example, is an extremely popular architectural design element. Because wainscoting ceramic tiles can help create a uniform look throughout the room while also holding up well over time, you better believe the real estate value of your home will increase!

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