The Merits of a Vintage Bathtub

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bathtub surface repairsAre you looking to renovate your bathroom? It’s a great idea, and you’d be surprised how much sprucing up in the smallest and yet most used room in the house can make a difference in your morning routine. You’d also be surprised at how little you actually need to replace or re-do. For instance, instead of getting your tiles replaced, try getting ceramic tile refinishing instead. This is especially true for older homes that have their original tiling and appliances — why replace them when you could preserve them? Today, we are examining some of the reasons why you should reconsider vintage bathtub replacement in favor of bathtub surface repairs — read on to discover some of the reasons why you shouldn’t replace it.

They’re Bigger Than Modern Tubs
Vintage bathtubs tend to be larger and better equipped for actual soaking than modern tubs. Indeed, they are relics of a time where showering was not the norm, and preserving them will allow you to luxuriate and bathe the old fashioned way.

They Have Unique Features
Not only are old bathtubs bigger than newer ones, but they are designed differently. For instance, they are wider, and many of them are slanted so that the water gets deeper by your feet. This way, you can lounge in the tub totally submerged, but with your head comfortably out of the water.

They Can Be Easily Modernized
Did you know that bathtub reglazing can often be cheaper than buying and installing a new tub? Plus, the whole process only takes about three to four hours, with an extra day for the glaze to cure. Getting your old bathtub modernized is much less of a headache than most people presume, and won’t require any complicated maneuvering of new appliances and the disposal of the old ones.

They Make Your Bathroom Feel Like a Spa
Best of all, old bathtubs make your bathroom feel like a spa. Put up some beautiful wallpaper, some hanging plants, and some new fixtures, and you’ll feel like you traveled back in time to a lavish getaway.

Bathtub surface repairs and enameling are certainly worth it when it comes to preserving your beautiful old bathtub.