Three Solutions for Getting a New Bathroom (Without Breaking the Bank)

bathtub refinishersThe bathroom is one of the most frequently used areas of the home — but is that use starting to show in yours? If you notice damaged tiles and cracks in the bathtub or you have a bunch of hard to clean surfaces, it may be time to refinish or replace these items in your bathroom.

When homeowners think of bathroom upgrades, they may think that the process will be invasive and lengthy. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. Here are three services you might consider using or doing yourself if it’s time your bathroom got some TLC.

Bathtub Refinishing
Over time, bathtubs can begin to develop cracks, chips, stains, and other damage. Those problems can become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria if they get trapped in these damaged surfaces. However, refinishing or reglazing a bathtub in your home can help it look like new. This process can prolong the tub’s life by at least 10 years and even make it easier to clean. It can also have significant cosmetic benefits and can even be used to paint over another color tub to bring your bathroom up to date.

There are several products used as bathtub refinishers sold in home improvement stores, so you can do it yourself if you feel confident. All it takes is sanding down the tub and painting it with a glaze and epoxy. If you’re not confident in DIYing it, however, a service with professional bathtub refinishers will send someone to your home to do the job for you.

Tile Installation
Whether you refinish your bathtub or not, there’s another surface in the bathroom that can become damaged and dirty over time: the wall tiles. A shower surrounded by tile can be a difficult area to clean, and re-caulking can only do so much. Getting new tile installed or getting tile refinished by a professional service can give your bathroom a clean and modern look.

New Bathtub Installation
The people who owned your home previously loved that sea-foam green shade for the bathtub. You and your family, on the other hand, don’t. If you’re not up for refinishing, getting a new bathtub installed can give your bathroom new life, and it’s one way to change the look of the bathroom without having to give the whole room a makeover.

Even if you don’t have a bathtub that looks stuck in the 1970s, you can still swap out the old for the new. If you notice any cracks, warping, or other problems that can’t be fixed with refinishing and reglazing, it may be time to consider a new tub altogether.

Have more questions about tile and bathtub refinishers and installations? Be sure to speak with a professional about what you can do. You can also leave a comment below for more information.