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Tile Replacement And Installation

Have a chipped or cracked tile? Or maybe your missing a few that have fallen out of the wall over the years? This is common and we can repair/replace most issues we run into on a refinishing project.

Keep in mind replacing any broken or missing tile before a refinishing job of the surrounding tile should be done prior to the refinishing project. It sometimes can be done the same day depending on the scope of the project but it is recommended that you be prepare for the additional time.

ceramic tile installation

Want To Replace All Of Your Old Tile With Something New?

We can do that too! Just understand that Installing/replacing new tile is a more extensive project with several things to consider: With the exception of new construction, any renovation will require removing/demolishing the existing tile from the floor, walls or both.

This also generally requires going down to the studs /foundation and installing new backer board. The tile is cemented to the surface and allowed to set up for 24 hours. After the proper cure time, the tile must be grouted. Once the grout has cured it is then sealed. The project can span several days.

tile installation

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