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Restoring Old Tile Can Bring New Life To Your Bathroom.

If you live in a home from an earlier era, your bathroom undoubtedly has wainscoting ceramic tile in a unique, but oftentimes, dated color. In addition, the age of this tile and repeated use and abuse can sometimes cause wear or grout inconsistencies. In some cases, a good cleaning and replacing grout may be all that’s needed. However, even if your tile is not so far gone that you can refresh it, you still have to live with the color. When faced with this predicament many people choose to remodel their entire bathroom. Little do they know a very viable substitute is in fact tile refinishing.

In Atlanta, many home owners have chosen to modernize their homes and spend exorbitant amounts of money on renovation projects. Two of the most costly projects are typically the kitchen and the bathroom. Oftentimes a contemporary style master bath is desired and the expenditure is justified.

There are two other occasions though where such a project is not desired or needed: one, in not wanting to go to the same expense for the second bath as the master; two, in not wishing to do anything other than changing the color. Here is where tile refinishing can be a favorable solution to remodeling.

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Tile Refinishing Can Save You Time & Money

Understand that any remodeling project brings with it price tag, even tile refinishing. Putting a fresh new surface over your existing tile can be 5 times less expensive, saving you thousands of dollars.

This is due to the fact that re-tiling your bathroom first requires demolition, where tile refinishing does not. In addition, with tile refinishing you will also incur much less inconvenience. Tile removal and re-installation projects can span days or in some cases more than a week. This will not only leave you without the use of your bathroom but subject your home to the dust and debris of any other construction site.

Tile refinishing projects can generally be completed the same day and will allow you the use of your bathroom again within 24 hours from the time the job is completed.

For decades, Atlanta has seen tile refinishing has been a practical alternative to complete renovation. With a savings of time, effort, convenience and money, concentration can be placed on other more important projects or matters. Whether you are simply looking to change the color of your out-of-date tile or give your bathroom a fresh clean look, tile refinishing should be strongly considered.

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