Treat Yourself, Treat Your Bathroom: The Benefits of Opting for a Bath Tub Re-Glaze

ceramic tile installation

tub installationAfter a long workweek, gym session, or day outdoors, there is nothing like relaxing in a warm tub full of bubble bath and soaking away your worries. Unless, of course, you are in need of bathtub repair.

Considering how heavily they’re often used, it’s no wonder bathtub damage can be so common. Missing tiles, chipped enamel, and the need for ceramic tile refinishing are common problems with older bathtubs. Not only that, but damaged bath tubs create a natural breeding ground for bacteria and germs. Many people think that the only way to deal with these challenges is to get an entirely new bathtub installed.

However, there is no need to take such drastic measures, unless you really hate your old tub. In fact, chances are youlike your current bathtub and aren’t too keen on a drastic change. Tub installation can be a cumbersome, time consuming, and expensive service. Why get rid of the old when you can make the old even better?

Consider this: bathtub re-glazing typically only takes about three to four hours, and will fully cure in about 24 hours. Re-glazing can be much cheaper than replacement, and the finished product is often even easier to clean than the original product was.

You can opt for a traditional refinishing and get a tub that looks like brand new. You could also decide to go in a different direction, and choose a new color or enamel to give your bathroom a whole new look. A properly re-glazed bathtub can last for up to an additional 10 years.

Maybe its the way your head rest perfectly on the edge, maybe its those cute clawed feet, or maybe you just treasure the memories created by your bathtub. No matter what, if you’ve gained an attachment to your tub, don’t send it to the junkyard. Skip the drawn out tub installation process. Preserve your memories and your perfect bathtub by giving it an enamel makeover.