When It Comes To Bathroom Remodeling, Knowing When To Repair and When To Replace Can Be Tricky

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ceramic tile installationThere are plenty of home repair projects that can seem a bit overwhelming, even from the very beginning, simply because it’s hard to determine whether you’ll benefit more from repairing or just completely replacing an appliance or structural feature in your house. Specifically when it comes to ceramic tile installation and shower/bathtub repair, it’s often difficult to figure out whether a repair or replacement will end up providing the biggest return on investment for your overall home value.

Before you call up your local ceramic tile installation Atlantan service and ask about replacing a bathtub entirely, here are a few things to consider about the cost and long term value of both options:

You should consider repairing your bathtub, shower, and flooring tiles… if your bathroom is fairly new, and if the necessary repairs are fairly small, like a few cracked tiles or a dated color/pattern. Many home repair stores will have the products you need for a small project like repairing ceramic tile cracks, but ceramic tile installation Atlantan services are more than capable of handling these minor repairs as well (if you don’t feel completely comfortable doing the project yourself). Bathtub refinishing is another popular bathroom remodeling project that allows you to update the look and quality of your bathtub (or shower) without installing a brand new one; this is definitely a task that will require some professional help, but it’s a great way to update a major feature of your bathroom without spending too much money or too much time.

You should consider replacing your bathtub, shower, and flooring tiles… if these features are a bit old, if there’s significant damage, or if they’ve been repaired multiple times in the past. Something like severe water damage in a worn bathtub can (ironically) cause a lot of problems, partly because mold growth can cause health issues, and partly because the weakened materials can cause structural damage around the tub itself. As far as age goes, many bathroom remodeling specialists and ceramic tile installation Atlantan services say that the shower will last about 50 years, so if you think that your tub or shower is seeing its last years, installing a new tub will definitely be worth the cost.

Ultimately, if you’re ever unsure whether a repair or replacement is a better choice for bathroom features like tiles and tubs, it’s always a good idea to call up your local bathroom remodeling service for an in-home assessment. Most services offer both repairs and new installations, so you never have to worry that you’ll be getting a biased assessment.